Productivity, time and goal tracker.

Track your habits and activities, set goals and gain insights on how you spend your time.



Time tracker

Track your time using the in-app timers: stopwatch, countdown timer and Pomodoro timer.

Goal tracker

Set daily, weekly or monthly goals and track your progress and streaks.

Mood tracker

Optionally record your mood, performance or score and track changes across time.

Charts, trends and insights

See how your time is spent across different activities.

Tasks and categories

Create (sub-)tasks per activity and group similar activities into categories.


Stick to your routines and goals by setting reminders.

Track your time

Understand how you spend your time

Track the time you spend on your habits and activities using the in-app stopwatch, countdown timer, or Pomodoro timer. You can also record time manually.

Understand where most of your time goes and adjust your priorities and goals accordingly.

Stick with your habits by setting goals

Set daily, weekly and monthly goals for your activities. View your pace and progress and never miss a day by setting custom reminders.


Track your growth and gain insights

View your activity and growth, and gain further insights with useful graphs, trends and statistics.

Also available in dark mode, so it's easy on the eyes!

Streaks and Insights

Why Timelog?

Timelog is different from other "traditional" habit trackers. It allows you to track the time you spend on each habit to help you increase your productivity, reach your goals, and stick with your habits for good. It was built with the following methodologies in mind.

You have more time than you think

By tracking your time you are more mindful about how you spend your time, and you can allocate your time according to your goals and priorities. Timelog combines both habit and time tracking to help you achieve this.

Focus on systems, not goals

Rather than setting specific goals, such as reading one book every week, you should be aiming to spend more time on the habits that will help you achieve that target, for example, reading for five hours a week. To quote James Clear, "It's not about any single accomplishment. It is about the cycle of endless refinement and continuous improvement. Ultimately, it is your commitment to the process that will determine your progress.".

Timelog helps you develop better systems by allowing you to set daily, weekly, or monthly goals to ensure you spend time doing things that matter to you, so you can achieve your long-term goals.

Stay on top of your time, habits and goals with Timelog!